Ghanaian Filmmaker and Director, Peter Sedufia has called on the government of Ghana to invest more into the movie industry to help market and promote more movies.

In an interview with TV3 news, the  “Keteke” maker  says building more cinemas will provide more job opportunities to the youth of Ghana.

“The government or any corporate body should help build more cinemas in the country to help us show our movies to Ghana and not only in Accra. This will help to promote our movies and also help create jobs for the youth in Ghana”.

The multiple award-winning film director further said Ghana is not only Accra and believes other regions also deserves to have cinemas.

“Ghana is not only Accra, Ghana is Volta Region, Ashanti Region and Eastern Region so cinemas should be built in all the regions”

In 2016, the then Presidential candidate of the NPP, President Akuffo-Addo mentioned in his manifesto that cinemas were going to be built around the country in each region should he get the nod but Peter says he’s yet to see those promises being fulfilled.

He’s therefore calling on the government to walk the talk.

He further added that he spends not less than GHC150,000 on a movie so if there are no cinemas to show the movies then what is the need to make them.

By: Bright Afave Selase


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