Love is the greatest gift one can find and ought to be treated as such. It is strong or constant affection to persons who are both in a romantic relationship. Love is powerful. These partners tend to do numerous things just to please their partners to show their affection.

A young man shared his rather hilarious love story through a Facebook group and it was mind-blowing. According to the young man who goes by the user name Ini Frank on Facebook, he visited his girlfriend one day and realized that another man has taken his position.

As if that was not enough, his rival was drinking water from the refrigerator he bought for his girlfriend.

As a gentleman, Ini decided not to engage in any argument with his rival and disconnected the fridge from its power supply and carried the refrigerator home.

Ini Frank shared this amusing love story in a Facebook group with a photograph of him carrying the refrigerator with caption ‘’I went to my girlfriend’s house I saw her boyfriend drinking from my fridge I bought for her so I took the fridge’’.

Would you have done same if you were in Ini’s shoes?

Story by Ansah John Nii Ansa.


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