The all new edition of Masters of Varsity is set to commence with a whole new twist to the tale.

Nash Media Ghana came your way last year with the fun and addictive series dubbed Masters of Varsity which premiered at the illustrious Ghana Institute of Journalism and received a lot of positive remarks.

Magabush a pauper joins an occult group in order to become successful and famous on campus. He meets the beautiful and dazzling Emerald who equally comes from a wealthy background and falls in love with her.

In order for Magabush to become the only famous guy on campus, he is told to sacrifice a virgin girl for his dreams to become a reality….. The only problem is, Emerald is the only virgin girl on campus.

Will Magabush be led by greed and sacrifice Emerald for his dreams to come true. Or will he let love win.

All these and many more questions answered in the all new second edition of Masters of Varsity.

Come watch the gangsters, slayqueens, players, occults and fortune-teller as they teach you about life, love and power in the all new second edition of Masters of Varsity.

Come and have a feel of the educative and innovative series as the production crew welcomes new members on board for its second phase.

Join the fun by picking up a registration form for a cool GHC 100 and come have a feel of the action.

For more enquires contact +233 24 997 6512 or +233 54 939 1691.

Masters of Varsity….. The battle continues……

Story by Ansah John Nii Ansa….


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