The music Industry in Ghana and for that matter Bono East is evidently male dominated. An industry where the strong and mighty thrive in the expense of pure talent which leave much to be desired.

It is believed that female arts have to endure all sorts of abuse and discrimination before they can make it to the pinnacle of their career which have condemned many female arts to abandon their music careers before it got started.

One female art who has defied the status quo and is projecting the image of the female music fraternity is the versatile¬†ABBI IMA also known as the “The African Girl”, a name affectionately¬† derived from his top charting single, African Girl by her fans.

IMA has been in secular music for barely a year and half but is making big stride and imprint in the Ghana music landscape. A young girl who nurtured her music career from the church is now smashing record here and there and is showing no signs of giving up on her music dreams unlike many of her female predecessors.

A powerful vocalist who had sung most of her life in the church, leading praises and worship and breaking yokes through her song ministrations is now making waves in secular music without holding back.

She busted onto the music scene when she made a cover of “Poverty”, a single by Afro Dancehall artist, J Derobie which was making waves across the breath and length of Ghana in 2019 and followed it with another cover from Ghana biggest export and Afro-Dancehall bigwig Stonebwoy, “Run Go”.

Her entrance to secular music was carefully planned by her handlers to the admiration of many owing to the fact that she deliberately endeared herself with the fans of Stonebwoy and J Derobie which made her the toast of music enthusiasts.

Few weeks later, she released her first single, “African Girl” with an accompanying video which so far has garnered over 50K views on YouTube and other online sites. “African Girl” was the magic behind her rise to stardom which gained her interviews on Hitz Fm, Happy FM, and many notable entertainment radio platforms. Her rise to fame was like a volcano eruption which shook many.

Abbi IMA has three singles to her credit, African Girl, Only You, and Zanziba her latest studio work which is making waves across the country among many unreleased songs.

She headlined or played in every gig within the three Bono/Ahafo/East regions during last year’s yuletide. Indeed she had the chance to perform alongside the Maestro, Kojo Antwi during his annual Kojo Antwi Live Concert, which is not a small feat for budding talent.

Another aspect of her journey which is worth mentioning is her social media activities. With a group of strategists at her disposal, she has an enviable social media presence with over 15K followers on her official facebook, twitter and instagram accounts which many established arts find it difficult to achieve in this little time frame.

She is currently managed by Falcon Music and CEO Entertainment. Falcon Music is in charge of the production of her songs, while CEO Entertainment distribute, promote her songs and brand. She is believed to be opened to the possibility of signing onto a lucrative Record Label should the opportunity presents itself with the concern and blessing of her current management, Falcon Music & CEO Entertainment.

IMA is undoubtedly a trailblazer in Bono East region music industry, leading the pck in promoting the music industry in the region to the larger Ghanaian music community.
She has opened the door wide, shifting the balance of power making it possible that you can get it done if you put your mind, body and soul to it. Indeed Abbi IMA is the beacon of Bono East music, the foundation of the industry is firmly placed on her able shoulders.


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