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The State of affairs; Kintampo Music Industry


The Kintampo music industry is among the fastest growing fraternities within the 16 regions of Ghana. The industry can boast of so many talents, unquestionably the finest arts in music in the three Bono/East and Ahafo regions come from Kintampo.
Khofi Images, Abbi Ima, Kubede, Arabot, Wallistic C, Bastian, Lhord Verses, Yesco, Bonney Fresh among a host of artists are doing so well and have proven that given the needed push, they can conquer the world with their artistic prowess.

Notwithstanding, the industry is characterised with fiercest animosity which have the tendency to ruin the hard earned reputation the industry is enjoying.
It is less surprising when artists quarrel among themselves for the battle of supremacy. After all it is part of the way to showcase their creativity especially when their angst is directed at the microphone.

The biggest fear and problem is when the gate-keepers, shakers and movers of the industry pit themselves against each other. It becomes unpardonable and unreasonable given the dare consequences it could have on the totalitarian progress of the Industry. Industry players like Qwedjoe Mayopia, Maiga, Cee Payo, Fearless, Damoah Danso, DJ Osooko, Uncle B, DJ Singapore, De Falcon, Vesper etc are blessed with beautiful and brilliant brains to steer the affairs of the industry and to mentor the budding talents in the region.

There are camps and division in every human institution so this is not alien to the music industry given the passion these industry players have for the craft and the desire to see their artists and sometimes their favourites succeed. Competition is a good thing. When harnessed positively can leave indelible mark in our lives.

There are some interesting personalities who have sprung up lately in the industry. The one I find interesting is Akosua Pascaline. She’s doing well with her writes up and opinions. Her submissions when given the opportunity are insightful. My fear for her is how she has aligned herself to one side of the faction which may cause her a big deal going forward. In summary, I can confidently say she has set up herself up to fail before she got started if she does not familiarize herself with other stakeholders in the industry.

The industry sometimes is the enemy of its own self. Unnecessary utterances, arguments and flexing of muscle is a recipe for disaster in every institution. The divisionary nature of some industry players is a canker that is eating deep into the roots of the industry which doesn’t bode well for an emerging industry like we have in Kintampo. The pronouncements of some industry players trying to downplay the works of their colleagues who have taken other interests like blogging, writing etc is immature and somewhat stupid. Almost every body in the industry in Kintampo see him/her self bigger and try to undermine the other. Pull him down (PHD) syndrome have been embedded in the nook and cranny of the industry by some unscrupulous individuals who have made it their duty to tarnish the hard earned reputations of other industry players which cannot be allowed to continue.

Apart from some few bad nuts among the lots, the industry is showing good signs of progress. The initiative by hosts of Entertainment shows namely Mr Bone of E360, Mayopia of Adars Entertainment Hall, DJ Singapore of Entertainment Plus and Uncle B of Weekend Flava Zone in the Municipality is worth mentioning. At least an Artist passes through an Entertainment show ones within the week to project their works and progress to the outside which is a leverage in respect of the clamor for support and attention among the artists

The Kintampo Lyrical battle is another initiative that is giving unheard of artists in the industry even within the small circle of Kintampo to be noticed. The desire of big and household name artistes to be part of the initiative is a laudable one and a big thank you to the organizers, DJ Osooko, Maiga and ADARS FM for helping to project these talents to the world.

The industry have seen significant improvements over the years and it is our hope that we improve on the achievements that have been chalked. It is not all that bleak and gloomy as have been purportedly described by a cross-section of the people in the industry. We can do more given the number brilliant brains we have at our disposal.

Long live Kintampo, Long Live The Music Industry.



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