The Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Album (The Reggae Collector’s Edition) is undoubtedly the world most sought after album. Barely 96 hours after its release, the Album is topping every single chart there is as far as music and for that matter Reggae Album is concerned. The Album is currently the No. 1 selling album on Amazon, it debuted No. 1 on iTunes Ghana all genre, No. 1 on UK Reggae Album chart and peaked at No. 4 on the USA Reggae Album Chart. In fact no Reggae album has ever peaked at No. 1 on iTunes Ghana all genre according to King Lagazee, an international Reggae DJ in Ghana.

Ghana has been blessed with our own Dancehall bigwig, Shatta Wale featuring on the world album that can boast of big profiles like Sizzla, Elephant Man, Tommy Lee, Sparta, Vybz Kartel, Capleton among host of Reggae big names.

Shatta Wale did not just add to the numbers, but is the Headline Artists of the Album with another top single titled ‘Dream’. He becomes the first African artist to headline a world Reggae Album which is not just a small feat to accomplish.

His single, ‘Dream’ on the album is doing wonders. Currently the No. 1 song in the UAE, topping iTunes Greece and many other European countries.
The title of the song is indeed befitting giving the struggles and hustles of this young man who has seen it all from the slums of Nima and now to the Ship Mansion in East Legon where he currently call his home. Indeed, Shatta Wale is leaving a ‘Dream’ every Young man would wish for himself.

Unfortunately, most media houses and entertainment sites are not blogging this milestone by a Ghanaian artist, who have defied the status quo and is putting Ghana on the map with his craft. Ghanaians always lament about how the Nigerian Music Industry is flourishing and the revenues been accrued by the Creative & Art Ministry in Nigeria from their artists but fail to understand that, Nigerians unlike Ghanaians support their own. The field Has not been fertile and greener at the feet of our Nigerian brothers but there is one thing they have perfected in doing, ‘Supporting Their Own’ no matter their differences.

One can list the number of Ghanaian artists or celebrities who have tweeted or shared the exploit of ShattaWale on this accomplishments, just a few. Fortunately for @ShattaWalenima, he is blessed with the most vociferous and selfless following in the Ghana Music Industry, (Shatta Movement). Checks have revealed that about 9 out of 10 bloggers, blogging or sharing light on the Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Album are Shatta Movement sympathizers, which should not be so giving how far our industry have been left behind by the leading pack.

‘Dream’ has all it takes to overtake ‘Gringo’, as the best Reggae/Dancehall song in Africa, by this same amazing art, Shatta Wale. The content, dexterity and composition of ‘Dream’ is on point and it’s resonates with every ghetto youth dream and passion of building a house, a car or making Mama proud.

The endorsement by the Minister for Tourism in Jamaica of the Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica Album is a manifestation of how this album have been accepted and it’s significance to the Jamaican people. Fortunately, Ghanaians can be equally jubilant because our very own Shatta Wale is the Headline Artist.

Shatta Wale has been blessed this year, 2020 although he has always been a blessing since his return to the music scene from Bandana to Shatta Wale. He made history as the first Ghanaian artists to feature on Times Square advertising space in New York and ranked No. 1 by Billboard as the most watched Homegrown Talent with 13.6m views.

With 2020 already a win for Shatta Wale, the artist has revealed he’s gearing up for his next album titled Gift of God which would feature the likes of Beyonce and hopefully the most anticipated song, Mansa Musa with the world boss, Vybz Kartel would be on the record. The artist have been bastardized by his critics and his Shatta Movement alike for doing less international collaboration or features. But the Gift of God album promises to be full of big collaborations.

Shatta Wale is indeed a Gift of God to Ghana. His exploits speak volume, it echoes through to the mountain far and near and it brings hope to the ghetto youth that one day all our Dreams would be made reality.


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