THE RHAPSODY OF WENDY SHAY; Two years of Hits and Misses in the Ghana Music Industry.


Female artists in Ghana for the last decade continue to suffer all kinds of hate, rejection, humiliation and all forms of abuse. Notwithstanding, no female artist has suffered in the hands of Ghanaians than Wendy Addo, known in showbiz as Wendy Shay. The 24-year-old songstress signed onto Rufftown Records managed by Bullet, the other half of Ruff & Smooth has had a topsy-turvey ride in the Ghana music landscape.

Rumours have it that, Wendy Shay was signed by Bullet to replace Ebony of blessed memory in January 2018 after the later had pleaded with then buoyant and influential Zylofon Music to buy her out of her contract.

A practising nurse by profession in Stuttgart, Germany, Wendy Shay moved to Ghana to pursue her music career and debuted her first single, Uber driver on June 1, 2018, six months after she was signed onto Rufftown records. Uber Driver was the game changer as at the time because Ghanaians had lost the best songstress, Ebony and they needed someone to be in her place. Uber driver was an instant hit and received many critics as well because of the list of high profile names that were involved in the song. Uber driver came with an accompanying video shot somewhere in South Africa.

Shay’s journey to stardom has not been an easy ride. She has gone through rejection, and all manner of abuse because there is a school of thought that sought to suggest she has not been able to replace Ebony in it’s entirety. Many Ghanaians wanted to see the Ebony her musically and personality-wise.

Truthfully, Wendy Shay was touted to replace Ebony according to Bullet after her untimely death but one thing some Ghanaians refuse to understand is that Wendy Shay doesn’t need to be who she is not, she is supposed to be accepted as Wendy Shay. Ebony was a gem and irreplaceable.

Arguably, Wendy Shay is the best female artist in Ghana at the moment. No female artist can boast of hit songs since her debut some two years ago. From her uber driver to her current single featuring the hilarious Busom P’Yung titled Emergency. ‘Emergency’ is the best record Wendy has produced so far since her debut. The content, vocals, composition and production is the best thus far she has produced.

The two years of her career has seen her efforts recognized and awarded. She won the 2018 MuseAfrica ‘Bangarz’ of the quarter S/A with Uber driver, the covetous New Artist of the year Award 2019 of the VGMA and the Breakthrough Act of the year 2019 of the 3 Music Awards. These awards and accolades came without any cry of foul play, she was a deserving recipient.

Wendy Shay has not been the favourite of many and has not escaped the wrath of their angst sometimes as a result of how she carries herself about either on social media or during interviews. But people fail to understand ones again that, Wendy Shay is still a young lady and was only 22 when she made her debut in the music industry. Being young sometimes come with its burden of guilt and somewhat naivety as has been demonstrated by her in the early stages of her career. Notable of her implosion is the infamous “Dumb question” comment when was been interviewed by MzGee on camera in 2019 which was not received so well by music enthusiasts and the country alike.

She has suffered and continually suffer all form of abuse, criticism and hate even on her social media handles each passing day. This has not weighed her down, but constantly she has thrived to produce hit upon hit songs.

Fortunately for Wendy Shay, recent happenings demonstrate how much she has grown in the industry in respect of how she has begun to win the hearts of Ghanaians through her music and maturity. Her response during interviews lately has been spot on and she seems to have mastered the art of communication which is a good thing giving how she started back in 2018.

Barely two years in the industry, Wendy Shay has an EP, an Album and countless hit singles to her credit. She has done in two years what many established artists in the industry have accomplished in 10 years. Her journey has not been a smooth ride, but with panache and hard work, she has endeared herself to Ghanaians and Africa at large.

Her hardworking team has guided her through the harsh realities she was exposed to at the beginning of her career and she has begun to reap the fruits of her labour by bagging some Ambassadorial deals which is every artist or Celebrity’s dream.

As she celebrates her two years in the music industry, wishes her more success and hope she blesses us with more hit songs and fewer controversies and also wishes her well in her next project (Virtual Concert with Joy Prime) on 14th June.


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