Although we do not know anything about the aspect for now, it is mentioned that it will have an AMOLED screen, which should be in color if you do not want to be left a generation behind. In addition, water resistance and sports options will be the order of the day, with a battery that will last, although its capacity is not going away for now and neither is the charging system with which it will be released. As on so many other occasions, its presentation is planned first for India, although it has many options of reaching Spain.

Price as a key to compete with the Mi Band 5
It is difficult to know if it will end up fitting into the market as the first OnePlus phones did, although if they follow the attractive pricing strategy that everything seems to indicate, it is likely. Its price in India at the exchange rate would be 33 euros, which leaves it in a similar price range to that of the Mi Band 5 in this country.

Once we know all the official details of the bracelet, we can better know if its specifications and prices are worth taking into account. This new strategy of the brand with the OnePlus Nord at the head, tries to return the brand to its principles, offering options for all budgets, and it may be the case that the OnePlus Band and the OnePlus Watch are again another sample of it.


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