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Nathaniel Tetteh Ogli, very well known as Natty Ogli in the world of Spoken Word and Poetry as an Artist or Wordsmith from Ghana who is using his gift as a tool of reformation in and beyond the shores of his homeland. Natty is multitalented artist who is also an instrumentalist, a singer, a rapper, a reggae/dancehall artists. Among the various skills the Creator has blessed him with, his unique approach to Spoken Word Poetry is unparalleled.

He is currently the Dauntless Warrior Poet, an award and title he holds from the Ehalakasa National Slam Championship for “one who through their approach to and content of their poetry exemplifies the tenacious pursuit of righteousness and truth”

His unique skill and artistry is one that stands unmatched amongst many others. He doesn’t consider himself the best as he believes in respect for other artists knowing very well that no man has the right to claim supremacy over any natural ability for it is all given by God.
As a philosopher and critical thinker, he reviews literary works  of other writers and serves as a guide to up and coming writers.



Theophilus Atuahene Adu is a young enterprising husband an d a father,  seeker of truth, a lover of God and steward of His Kingdom here on earth.

He has a passion for youth training and developement, arts and how to be a blessing to all creation.

With his knack for learning and challenging himself in many area of life, he is a missionary, an IT person with a firm base in web designing, e-marking and a Publicist.

Irrespective of his uniqueness, he still sees every individual as a wealth of knowledge, hence his humble nature and willing to serve and be a blessing to all.

He vision for building is create an avenue to nurture talents and showcase content that will Impart to make Impact to all creations and above all give glory to God. a wholistic lifestyle website, with the sole aim of promoting the patriotism. Our priority is to promote everything Ghanaian that will give a good image of our beloved Country.

All submissions (Articles, Poems, Audios, Videos, Events, etc) must be to the betterment of humanity and should be submitted via [email protected] or call +23355374713,  +233502283327, +233208251894
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