Change your attitude – Auntie Odo

Auntie Odo – Valentine’s Day

Smiling is powerful- Auntie Odo

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Auntie odo – Trust

Powerful video, this is a must watch.

True Story by Auntie Odo

Marriage list by Auntie Odo

In this video me and my team sat down to think about something we can help parents improve on when their daughter is getting into marriage. #3y3Odooo

Searching for your gold by Auntie Odo

Are you picky when it comes to finding the right person?.This is my knowledge about it, watch and learn. Please make sure you share this video to help other...

fighting for love by Auntie Odo

Love is such a beautiful thing and I will do anything and everything to fight for relationship that respect love. In this video I target the players out there...

Happy Father’s Day – Auntie Odo

I want to shout out all the Good Fathers out there doing there job. Today I want the ladies to show their love to their partners for taking good...

The cheating must stop by Auntie Odo

A secret shared by Auntie Odo which is guarantee to help bring the amount of percentage of cheating men and women down. This is a must watch video please...

Do’s and Dont’s #2 by Auntie Odo . Watch and Learn

A page to help ,nurture, and grow relationships through Christ. "Therefore what God has joined together let not man separate"-Matthew 19:6

Do’s and Don’ts by Auntie Odo. Watch and Learn

This video contain's information that can help your relationship and marriage grow.