True Story by Auntie Odo

Love is Like Gold – Auntie Odo

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Sow A Good Seed – Auntie Odo

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KWANATUSO – Auntie Odo

Auntie Odo – What Is Love?

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fighting for love by Auntie Odo

Love is such a beautiful thing and I will do anything and everything to fight for relationship that respect love. In this video I target the players out there...

Do’s and Don’ts by Auntie Odo. Watch and Learn

This video contain's information that can help your relationship and marriage grow.

Auntie Odo – Valentine’s Day

Who is Auntie Odo (Documentary)

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How To Build Your Relationship by Auntie Odo

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Bad Dating by Auntie Odo

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Do’s and Dont’s #2 by Auntie Odo . Watch and Learn

A page to help ,nurture, and grow relationships through Christ. "Therefore what God has joined together let not man separate"-Matthew 19:6