Bad Dating by Auntie Odo

Are you a Mr. Aponche Nkwan or Ms. Hit It and Run...Please Watch and Share #3y3Odooo

Auntie Odo – Valentine’s Day

Auntie Odo- Whatsapp group chat

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Social Media Ghost – Auntie Odo

Are you dating a social media ghost...Please Share and Watch #‎3y3Odooo

Auntie Odo – What Is Love?

What Is Love? Does your husband show love towards you? Does your wife show love towards you? Is love a problem in your relationship ?Please Listen and Share #3y3Odooo

Love is Like Gold – Auntie Odo

Is your Love like Gold? Please Listen and Share #‎3y3Odooo

Do’s and Don’ts by Auntie Odo. Watch and Learn

This video contain's information that can help your relationship and marriage grow.

How To Build Your Relationship by Auntie Odo

A relationship without God is a relationship with no foundation. Listen and Share #3y3Odooo

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fighting for love by Auntie Odo

Love is such a beautiful thing and I will do anything and everything to fight for relationship that respect love. In this video I target the players out there...

True Story by Auntie Odo

The cheating must stop by Auntie Odo

A secret shared by Auntie Odo which is guarantee to help bring the amount of percentage of cheating men and women down. This is a must watch video please...