Love Pillow – Auntie Odo

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Love is Like Gold – Auntie Odo

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KWANATUSO – Auntie Odo

Auntie Odo Charity Foundation donation for Easter 2015

To donate please call Auntie Odo at 508-731-6111, If you are in Accra call Roger on 026-428-8801 or call Nana Yaa Achiaa Kumasi 026-838-4410

Jacuzzi – Auntie Odo

Are you a Jacuzzi Destroyer? Please Listen and Share #‎3y3Odooo Are you a Jacuzzi Destroyer? Please Listen and Share #‎3y3Odooo

Social Media Ghost – Auntie Odo

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Who is Auntie Odo (Documentary)

This video will answer all you need to know about Auntie Odo

Sow A Good Seed – Auntie Odo

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Bad Dating by Auntie Odo

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Auntie Odo – Who is your Angel?

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How To Build Your Relationship by Auntie Odo

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Auntie Odo – What Is Love?

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