Natty Ogli – Sound of My Sololoquies2

The Letter is a must read for every Church Member Natty Ogli - Sound of My Sololoquies2

Rhyme Sonny – My CV of Sin

This CV Will pass for any Job Rhyme Sonny - My CV of Sin

Kwame Legacy – I Am

Before you jump into any conclusion, listen and you will know who I Am. Kwame Legacy - I Am

Jewell King – Spoken-God

You just have to listen when the Spoken God Speaks Jewell King - Spoken-God

It’s National Poetry Day in Blighty For all my Poets on Board…

It's National Poetry Day here in Blighty For all my Poets on Board... A poem I was inspired to write by His Grace ....


Major Cone He's the lyrical god new moon... His story will not be a musical gone to soon... Feeding generations with abnormally blown new tunes... One who selflessly...

Polite & Ethical PARTIES By Rhyme Sonny. Listen, Download and Reflect on...

Are we meditating about the STATE of our NATION or we are mourning our NATION's current state text="Download" color="red_darker"]

Finally Its Here, Download and Listen to Natty Ogli – The Call (A Letter...

Natty Ogli - The Call (A Letter To The Church)

Listen, Watch, Download and Read “WHEN I WAS A CHILD” by Rhyme Sonny .

Rhyme Sonny - WHEN I WAS A CHILD WHEN I WAS A CHILD When I was a child, I spoke, thought and reasoned like a child Because...

Read,Listen and Download “My CV of SIN” by Rhyme Sonny

Rhyme Sonny is not just sharing with us what life has thought him, but putting weight on how peer pressure and ungodly addictions are...

GRACE By Stephen Otu-Amoah

GRACE I am alone, I think Lost in my thoughts couldn't even wink I am at the brink I was cast away, no one will even look Then give...

Am Coming Back To You by Stephen Otu-Amoah

Am Coming Back To You Far far away in another land I was lost I knew no one but the savy street band Wanted to find back...