ERIC OTENG BOADI is the Founder of Mercy Seat Worldwide Ministries, and President of Kingdom News Broadcasters (City To City Outreach), Ghana. He is also the President of History Makers Leadership and Mentoring Program.
He holds Diploma in Christian Ministry from, The Living Word School of Ministry, under the able leadership of Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil.
And is an Ordain Minister of the gospel and an ordain Evangelist from Charismatic School of Evangelism, under the passionate Leadership of Rev.Steve Mensah.(Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry).
He has great passion for bringing out the truth of God’s Word to help believers live as over comers. He believes that the greatest miracle is when one accepts Jesus Christ as Load and Savoir and his joy is to see Christians walking in the truth of God’s Word, this has led him in bringing out tracts on various topics. He also has passion for the youth. His vision is about raising people and placing them at their rightful position in Christ Jesus for Maximum Impact.
His purpose is to add value to people’s lives.

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